Thursday, April 20, 2017

Conspiracy Theory

What exactly is a Conspiracy Theory or Conspiracy Theorist?

According to, the meaning of a Conspiracy Theory is:
A theory that explains an event as being the result of a plot by a covert group or organization; a belief that a particular unexplained event was caused by such a group.

What is the definition of a Conspiracy Theorist? According to the Merriam-Webster website, it is:  
A person who holds a theory that explains an event or situation as the result of a secret plan by usually powerful people or groups.  

When, and why, did these terms become popular? According to a vast number of articles I found on the internet, it was the CIA that introduced the term in the 1960's, in the CIA document 1035-960, concerning criticism of the Warren Report. 

Why did the CIA do this? The short, and to the point answer is, they wanted to take attention off the Warren Report concerning President Kennedy's assassination. And they didn't want people to question their findings. 

Why didn't they want people to question their findings? Well, in this day and age when we have so much more information to go by, I think it has become clear to the majority of Americans that what we were told about the Kennedy assassination was not the truth. 

What better way to get people to stop talking about it than to make them look like a foolish Conspiracy Theorist? 

Today, this term is used as a weapon to make others look foolish. There are shills on the internet that go around leaving feedback on other people's blogs, utube videos and other public forums intended to convince others that this person must be a conspiracy nut and what they are saying is crazy talk... And people do it! They go along with these shills because they so do not want to look like the nut who agrees with a Conspiracy fruitloop. People so want to belong and be accepted, that they are afraid to speak their own truth or question the norm. 

Personally, I have the utmost respect for people who question the norm.. I realize there are some really crazy theories out there, but you know what? Some of the theories personal investigators come up with make a heck of a lot more sense than the nonsense we are told by mainstream media or our government! 

I don't consider myself a Conspiracy Theorist. I consider myself someone who prefers the truth to lies. I can't, in all honesty, believe the nonsense we are told. I have started doing my own research on many of today's hottest topics, as well as gone back in history to question things that have taken place. 

You know what? There is a lot to question.. 

I wish this wasn't the case. I wish our world was full of truth and honesty, but it isn't..I wish the stories we were all taught in school were accurate, that our country is great and wonderful, always the country that is in the right, sticking up for the little guy...But it just isn't. 

I don't trust a government that spends our tax money foolishly, or one that lies to it's people. I no longer trust the things we are told by main stream media. 

We stopped watching mainstream media quite a few years ago.. It is amazing how quickly one starts to question things when one stops being bombarded with nonsense.

I wonder how many people feel the same way I do. i wonder how many people just know things are not exactly what we are being told, and just have this need to figure it all out? 

I wonder how many people question the status quo, but are so afraid of being labeled a conspiracy nut or conspiracy theorist that they just go along with the flow, never making waves, always agreeing with what others consider the norm... 

How many of us are afraid of what our family members or friends will say? What will they think? How will they treat us? Will we be treated differently, made fun of, become the butt of family jokes?

I've had family members that I "used" to respect say very insulting things to me like "you can't believe everything you read on the internet Karen", in a very belittling way, as if to suggest I go directly to the dumb ass section of the internet and devour crazy, not having enough sense to decipher nonsense from things that really do make sense.

These same family members don't think there are chemtrails in the skies, either... To them, I just have to say, look up before you start passing judgement on people who are just trying to get to the bottom of what is going on! 

I just wondered how many others are out there doing their own research, finding more questions than answers, realizing something odd is going on, at our expense. 

How many people will keep their mouths shut because they are so afraid of being labeled a nut? How many people will never say what they really fear is going on because they're so afraid of getting tin foil hats for Christmas? 

I wish the whole conspiracy theory, theorist, nut thing would go away and people could be free to speak their concerns without fear of being given a label. 

For me, I really don't care.. Call me a conspiracy nut if you must. I'm not part of a group or organization, so that's really not a logical thing to call any individual who questions things. 

I'd prefer to be a called a Truther... If someone referred to me as being a part of the Truth Movement, well....I'd have to say thank you for the compliment.. I simply want to know the truth. 

I found this definition of the Truth Movement on Urban Dictionary: A growing movement of people who do not accept establishment information when it is not backed up by scientific facts and logical reasoning. 

Bingo!! There you have it.. I'm part of the Truth Movement.. 

There's just one problem with finding the truth.. That bell can't be unrung.. Once you start realizing how many things we are told just aren't true, CAN'T be true, and you start looking for what the truth is, you really can't undo what you've discovered.. At least, I can't.. 

We all have a thing called common sense. I think, when we use it, we just know, instinctively, when something feels real and when it feels wrong.. 

God gave us common sense for a reason.. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Odd weather patterns Spring 2017

On April 15th (tax day, go figure), we had the oddest thunder storm during the night. Thunder storms aren't unusual here in Northern Michigan, but this one was just odd. It started late in the evening, maybe around 11 or so? We had gone to bed. I was using my headphones to watch a TV program, John was sleeping.. The furry kids were all acting a bit odd, like they couldn't settle down. 

I started realizing I could hear this rumble over my headphones. I took them off and I could hear thunder rumbling. That's when I realized a storm was moving into our area.. I put my headphones back on, aware that the rumbling noise continued and didn't seem to be letting up. I could also see flashes of light from the kitchen window.. The lightning just seemed to be constant, not letting up. 

That's kind of odd.. The storm must be right over us.. Normally, you see a flash of lightning, followed by thunder.. I've always heard that you count seconds between the lightning and thunder and that gives you an idea of how far away the storm is.. But with this storm, the thunder was rumbling continually and the flashes of lightning were just bam bam bam, not letting up, no time between them. 

The internet went out (our TV programming works off the internet).. I shut off the Tv and took off my headphones, two of the furry ones took off running in the other room after a very loud clap of lightning.. I got up to look outside to make sure nothing had been hit by lightning, and realized I could still hear this continuous rumble. It was loud. VERY loud. 

Our 3rd furry kid, the baby of the family, came running after me, sticking close by. She was shaking and very frightened.. She's a one year old doxie who thinks (is) my baby girl.. We're the only girls in the family so we stick together.. I'm pretty sure she either thinks I'm a dog, or she thinks she's a person. 

The rumble sounded like a freight train to me.. It was so loud, and never ending.. We do have trains that go through our town, during the evening, and we can hear them from our house, which is out in the country, but this was much louder than that, and lasted a lot longer than it takes a train to pass through our town. 

I remembered a story I'd heard years before after a tornado had ripped through an area in Southern Michigan.. People had said it sounded like a frieght train. They also said that the rain had stopped, and the sky had become an eerie yellow as the tornado ripped through the area.. 

We don't have tornadoes up here.. I don't know why, but we just don't.. We've lived up here for over 13 years, and we've never had a tornado warning, much less a tornado.. I asked someone about it when we first moved here and was told the only "maybe" tornado they could remember was one on the lake, when a bad storm had moved in quickly and suddenly two boats were flipped over. But no one saw a tornado and it was never determined if it was a tornado or if it was just extreme winds. 

I sat in our backroom watching out the window, feeling fear welling up in me.. I don't feel fear much, I'm a pretty low key person who just doesn't get that wired over things. But this sound had now been going on for well over 15 minutes and the lightning was striking continuously the entire time. But it was raining, very hard, and I kept thinking, I've always heard it stops raining before a tornado hits.. Because of the constant lightning, I could see the sky and the area, and I could not see any sign of a tornado, or anything odd in the sky, other than it was coated in very dark, gray clouds. Those great big clouds that don't look normal. 

The thought did go through my head that maybe there were planes up above all those clouds, flying really low.. Were they laying chemtrails??? I just didn't know what to think. 

I thought, this must be what it's like in countries that are bombed during the night, when it's dark and they can't see what's happening, can only hear the noise, not sure of what's coming, or from where. 

It really was that loud, and that scarry. 

I started thinking, should I go wake up John (who had earplugs in and didn't hear any of this)? Should we get in the one room we have (the den) that's in the center of the house? 

Then it stopped.. The very loud frieght train noise had lasted for about 20 minutes total. It was still raining, but the non stop lightning also stopped.. I could hear thunder off in the distance, normal thunder.. By normal, I mean, lightning strikes, thunder rumbles, then it stops.. 

I got all the furballs calmed down and we all went back to bed.. I couldn't sleep though, still wondering what that noise was. 

I'm 62 years old and have witnessed who knows how many thunderstorms, but I have never witnessed a thunderstorm that sounded like a freight train over our house for 20 minutes with no change in the sound. That was just weird. 

The next morning I told John about it.. He said he could hear something but mostly just slept through it.. He has the ability to sleep through anything!!! Me, not so much... I explained what it had been like and he was curious, too.. We went for a ride to see if there had been a tornado somewhere, and if there was any damage.. 

We drove all over the county, and saw nothing... We no longer watch main stream media, because quite honestly, doubt that much of what we are being told is the truth, so we avoid it. We no longer have cable or satalite TV. We choose not to download the mainstream news channels, so it wasn't like we could flip on the TV and find out what had happened. 

It was Easter Sunday, and not wanting to bother the few neighbors we have on a holiday, we just have been left wondering what in the world that noise was.. 

We've had a very odd spring.. We've had the snow melt four times now.. Normally, the majority of the snow melts away, signs of spring start to pop up, we might have a freak snow fall that gives us another week or so of winter before it melts for good, giving way to warmer spring weather.  But this year, that cycle has now happened four times..

Anyone paying attention know that our weather is being manipulated. Supposedly, chemtrails are being laid to control global warming, manipulating our environment to cool off our planet.. 

As things like that freak freight train thunderstorm hit, I just have to wonder, what exactly are they doing to our environment. 

I personally think our earth knows how to care for itself. I think it has cycles it goes through, and man should not be messing with it. The only problems this earth is experiencing are caused by man! Now this? Now our government, or whoever it is that's laying all these chemtrails, is messing with our earths environment. What damage are they doing? Instead of trying to control things, why don't we stop causing all the destruction to begin with. We have polluted our waters, our air, our trees, our soils, our insects, our birds, our wildlife, the human race.. 

Shouldn't our focus be on trying to undo what destruction we've already done rather than add yet another destructive process to the list? 

But man is the most intelligent being on earth, right??? We're so intelligent we're destroying the thing that allows us to live.. Brilliant.. but that's for another post. 

This post is about the weird, strange, odd thunderstorm last weekend.. It wasn't normal.. It was weird. 

I looked for a facebook page for our town but only found one for garage sales.. I was hoping someone else had posted a similar experience about the odd thunderstorm.. Our paper only comes out once a week, so maybe on Thursday we'll find out if others had similar concerns.  

We live in a very rural part of Northern Michigan, where the population is low and we are surrounded by forest lands.. I often wonder why they are chemtrailing us? We have many beautiful lakes in this area (as there are all over Michigan) as well as being surrounded by the Great Lakes.. There's very little industry up here, people live pretty quiet, low profile kind of lives..Neighbors are friendly, but keep to themselves most of the time.  I often think it's like stepping back in time about 10 years or so up here.. The pace of life is slower, more peaceful, more about getting back to nature than with keeping up with the Joneses... 

So why us? Why are we chemtrailed so heavily? Or is it like this everywhere? 

It's just one of the many questions I have.. What exactly is going on? 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Chemtrails. What are they doing to us?

I'm one of those people that quietly notice things going on, that many other people don't seem to notice.. An example of that is Chemtrails. We see them pretty much daily here in Northern Michigan, and yet I never hear anyone talking about them, and there's never any articles in the local newspaper about them. I've mentioned them to family members who just poo poo me, saying, "those are nothing. Those are just left from airplanes.." 
Well yes, they are left from airplanes, but they aren't nothing!
Something is being sprayed in our skies, completely coating the sky in white, or leaving gigantic, huge, billowy clouds we've never seen before in the sky.. Although they are beautiful to look at, they aren't natural. 

I started noticing these things well over a year ago, probably more like 2 years ago. We live a very quiet life. My husband is retired and I work from home. Our one break away each day is to take a little ride around one of the many lakes in our area. This is when I first noticed these stripes of white in the sky, over the lakes. Within a short time frame, I was noticing them over our home. I was traveling a lot to Southern Michigan because of my parents health issues, and I started realizing there were days when the sky was being completely coated in these things.. It didn't take long before I realized this was happening pretty much daily. All it took was looking up! 

I wonder how many of you are looking up, too. 
Both of my parents passed away last fall, eleven days apart from each other.. That's a post for another day, but the point I want to make here is that my parents both had dementia/alzheimers.. If you were going to pick out 2 people who lived in the same house that would get this disease, I don't think you would have picked my parents.. My Dad was kind of a quiet health nut. They ate three meals a day, every meal including fresh veggies and fruits, they took a long, fast paced walk every single day, either here in Michigan, or Florida, where they resided in the winters. They didn't smoke, they didn't drink, they had a veggie garden for years, they had flower gardens, they had an grapefruit tree in their backyard in Florida.. They lived a very low key, quiet life. They took care of their home, loved their children and grandchildren and just lived a quiet, normal life. 
How did both of them end up with Dementia/Alzheimers? 

My mother was a bit of a hypochondriac and ran to the doctor for every little thing. She was on a prescription drug for one thing or another pretty much continuously my entire life. She had quite a few surgeries, some small, some big, many voluntary. She was Big Pharm's dream patient. She started showing signs of dementia years before my father did.. She had been on a statin drug for cholesterol when her symptoms began. I've done my research. I know what the effects of these drugs can be, and memory loss is a biggie! With that in mind, plus the fact that she was on hormone replacement for 30 some years along with many other prescription drugs, I always thought my mom's dementia was undoubtedly connected to prescription drugs and the toll they took from years and years of use. 
But then, maybe 8 years later, my Dad started showing signs of dementia. My healthy father who never took a prescription drug. He never went to a doctor. He was healthy as a horse. My Dad stayed active right up to the end. He was the kind of man that couldn't sit still, he had to be doing something. He took over all the household chores, including paying the bills, balancing the checkbook, buying groceries, fixing meals, deciding where to go eat, etc. 
You know that old saying, if you don't use it, you'll loose it? Well, my Dad did use his brain, so why did he loose it? He didn't put pharmacuticals into his body, he didn't put alcohol or drugs of any kind in his body. I don't think the man ever even took Ibuprofin. He didn't put anything toxic into his body. He ate right, he lived right.. How did he get dementia?
This is something I think we all need to be concerned about. What is in our environment that is causing this? 
There is more dementia/alzheimers than ever before. I've read posts where people say things like "we're living longer, it's a natural part of the aging process", but that's not true. 
Dementia/Alzhiemers is not a natural part of the aging process.. It just isn't! This is an ongoing epidemic and has started affecting people earlier and earlier in life.. This is something that can affect any one of us! None of us are safe..
So what is it? What is causing it? I watched a video about Alzheimer/Dementia awareness that said if Dementia was a country, it would hold more residents than Canada.. Why is this happening to so many people??

There is a lot of evidence that one of the root causes is aluminum. Autopsies performed on deceased patients are showing large amounts of aluminum in the brain.  Aluminum is not produced naturally in the body.. There is no reason for it to be in our bodies. 
There have been tests performed on trees, plants, grass, our soil.. There is aluminum being found everywhere.. The particles in the air have aluminum in them. We are breathing this stuff in no matter how careful we are about removing toxins from our environments.
Have you done any research on Chemtrails?? If you haven't, let me be the first to tell you. There is aluminum in Chemtrails.. We are being sprayed with aluminum, along with quite a few other nasty things!!!! 
Our government has now come out and admitted they are spraying, but have used the excuse that it's for global warming. 
Well, let me tell you. It's freezing cold up here in Northern Michigan all winter long, but that didn't stop them from coating our skies daily with those damn things. In fact, we had a rather dark and dreary winter this year.. Very dark and very, very dreary.. My husband thinks they're trying to drive us insane by depriving us of sunshine!! He just might have a point there. 
And here's something else to think about.. Snow! I love the stuff.. I love when it's white and sunny outside, and everything looks fresh and clean.. But there was something rather odd about our snow this past year.. 
It just didn't seem to melt.. It stuck around for quite some time, and even on warmer, sunny days, it just wasn't melting.. In fact, it's now the middle of April, we've had a number of really warm days, but there are still mounds of snow here and there around the county that just don't seem to be melting very fast at all. 
I stumbled upon a utube video one day about snow and the fact that there is something very weird about snow these days.. This video was showing how you can hold a flame to a ball of snow, and it won't melt.. 
I thought, no way... I remember as a kid, we had a skating rink just down the street from our home. There was a fire pit there, and someone always started a fire in it so we could sit around it and warm up a bit.. One of the things we did as kids, was to throw little snowballs into the firepit to see how fast the snow would melt. It always melted very fast, making a hissing noise as the burning logs got wet. 
I told my husband about the video, he said, no way.. Snow would melt immediately if you put a flame up to it.. 
So I went out and got myself a snowball, brought it inside and held a lighter under it, over the kitchen sink.. It didn't melt.. The snow turned black, but didn't melt.. It looked more like what you'd expect styrofoam to do if you held a flame to it.. 
My husband was sitting in another room, the room where our pellet stove is located and is very warm all winter long.  I took it out by him, with the lighter, and showed him. My hands were not getting wet from holding it, as was nothing else.. It wasn't dripping water.. It just remained this hard ball of snow in my hand, turning black where the flame was touching it. The warmth of the room alone should have melted this snow, but it didn't.
My husband kept saying, that doesn't look right. That doesn't look normal.. Why is the snow turning black? We were baffled.
I set the ball of snow in the sink and left it alone to see how fast it would melt in our warm home. It took over an hour.. It wasn't even that big of a ball of snow.. 
Something is going on.. Something is not right.. 
How did someone like my Dad end up with Dementia? His parents didn't have it. No one in our family had it other than my Dad's brother in law, around the same age as my Dad. My grandmother on my mom's side lived to be 96 and was pretty sharp right up to the end. Why is this happening now? Why is dementia at an all time high, not only in the United States, but across the world.  
If Chemtrails are indeed, one of the root causes of dementia, not to mention a heck of a lot of other health issues, why is this being done? Who are making these decisions? Who is deciding it's okay to spray us like insects? Is it our government?? The people we pay to protect us? 

Why can't anyone get definitive answers about any of this. Why isn't our government telling us what we're being sprayed with, since they have now come out and admitted they are spraying to reduce global warming (which I do not believe in any way, shape or form).  Why isn't our Media covering this? They can't cover false flag events enough! They want us all to be scared out of our wits that some crazy gun man is going to show up for no reason and start shooting, but they don't seem to think it's important for us to worry about what is being sprayed on us. 
I personally feel the cause of dementia and alzheimers is a combination of what's being sprayed in our skies and what's in our environment. What is being sprayed in our skies gets into our soil, our water, and eventually, into the foods that are grown in that soil and watered with that water.. Not to mention we are drinking the water and we are breathing the air. So our environment is being directly effected by Chemtrails.. It seems logical to assume it is all starting with the Chemtrails. 
I'm concerned. I'm worried.. Why aren't more people in an uproar about this? Why aren't more people noticing? All it takes is looking up to realize it's real.. 
There's a lot of info on the internet about it. I found this article this morning, which I found very interesting: 

Chemtrails: The Consequences of Toxic Metals and Chemical Aerosols on Human Health

There's a man from California who has been trying to bring awareness to this situation for years..His name is Dane Wigington and he has a website called "Geo Engineering Watch" that has a lot of good info on this topic. He also has a channel on utube, which he updates every Saturday with what has happened over the previous week.  

There are a zillion video's about it on utube. Some are silly, I realize that, but most of them are very informative. 
Just think of the consequences of all this. Will all of our lives end in dementia? I saw what it did to my parents life.. I saw what it did to my parents daughters, and to their grandchildren. This is a horrendous disease that robs people of who they are. Do any of us want that for ourselves? Of course not.. 
What the hell is going on? 
Go out and look up.. Do that for a week.. Keep looking up, become aware, because awareness is where it starts.. If you don't realize it's happening, how will you ever be part of the solution? 
But to be honet, what is the solution?  I have to admit, I'm not sure.. I don't know what to do.. All I can think to do is start writing about all the things I'm questioning on this blog, because for right now, at this very moment in my life, I don't know what else to do about it. 

Conspiracy Theory

What exactly is a Conspiracy Theory or Conspiracy Theorist? According to, the meaning of a Conspiracy Theory is: A th...